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the dirty mind of the grunge

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that emo girl
11 October


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Date Created:5/20/2005
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Desiree is a hardcore punk chick, always ready for battle and body mods. Tattooed, Pierced, and always looking for a good time, Desiree is one chick you simply cannot be without on a cold lonely night. Shes an FIU alum, an Allstate insurance salesperson, and married to the best specimen of male-ness ever!
Strengths: funny, sweet, smart, lovable, cuddly, generous, and of course, modest.
Weaknesses: forgives way too often and doesnt forget enough, a hard-ass, but once you get under the skin, its all over. too eager for fist fights and yelling matches.
Special Skills: can pick things up with toes, and if you want to know about the rest of her skills, just ask kenny.
Weapons: incinerating wit and rhetoric, fists of fury, and teeth that bite with no prejudice.
LOVES...: expressing feelings through photography, going to local shows, being with loved ones, making that $$$, gallery openings, always keeping people guessing, wine, kink, humble arrogance

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