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not tired of me yet? LOL


LJ has kind of fallen off my radar, at least the updating aspect. Then again, most of my blogs are in slow-mo right now. I've had my twitter for a couple years now, but for some reason it seems now EVERYONE has one. It's much easier for me to update there, so I guess that would be the place to go if you want updates, up to the minute, even!


more from me...



props to Ceci for finding that...

and check THIS shit out!!!!!!



he's talking ONLY about MCCAIN'S POLICIES, and doesn't even MENTION PALIN!!!!

and check THIS ONE out now!


some right wing NUTJOB doctored the video to make it look like Obama is slandering Palin...RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!


and OMG, calling a woman SWEETIE? my DAD does that and it's just cuz he's old school, not cuz he's MISOGYNISTIC!!!

the rest of the video where Palin "defends" herself is basically saying "I'm a mother, I have a child with Down Syndrome (which may or may not be hers, evidence points to it being the son of her then 16 year old daughter who is now pregnant again) so you should vote for me"

well, Palin, I have a husband who got laid off and after a year of marriage I still live with my parents because I can't afford to get out of here. I have it kinda rough. Should people vote for me, too?

EVERYONE PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU VOTE!!! if you drive, have a job, are saving up for a house, go to school....this election DIRECTLY AFFECTS YOU!!! please do your part to MAKE A CHANGE!!! even republicans must agree that the economy and the way we're all struggling to make ends meet is NOT ok...



"In sixth grade Mrs. Walker
slapped the back of my head
and made me stand in the corner
for not knowing the difference
between persimmon and precision.
How to choose

persimmons. This is precision.
Ripe ones are soft and brown-spotted.
Sniff the bottoms. The sweet one
will be fragrant. How to eat:
put the knife away, lay down the newspaper.
Peel the skin tenderly, not to tear the meat.
Chew on the skin, suck it,
and swallow. Now, eat
the meat of the fruit,
so sweet
all of it, to the heart.

Donna undresses, her stomach is white.
In the yard, dewy and shivering
with crickets, we lie naked,
face-up, face-down,
I teach her Chinese. Crickets: chiu chiu. Dew: I've forgotten.
Naked: I've forgotten.
Ni, wo: you me.
I part her legs,
remember to tell her
she is beautiful as the moon.

Other words
that got me into trouble were
fight and fright, wren and yarn.
Fight was what I did when I was frightened,
fright was what I felt when I was fighting.
Wrens are small, plain birds,
yarn is what one knits with.
Wrens are soft as yarn.
My mother made birds out of yarn.
I loved to watch her tie the stuff;
a bird, a rabbit, a wee man.

Mrs. Walker brought a persimmon to class
and cut it up
so everyone could taste
a Chinese apple. Knowing
it wasn't ripe or sweet, I didn't eat
but watched the other faces.

My mother said every persimmon has a sun
inside, something golden, glowing,
warm as my face.

Once, in the cellar, I found two wrapped in newspaper
forgotten and not yet ripe.
I took them and set them both on my bedroom windowsill,
where each morning a cardinal
sang. The sun, the sun.

Finally understanding
he was going blind,
my father would stay up all one night
waiting for a song, a ghost.
I gave him the persimmons, swelled, heavy as sadness,
and sweet as love.

This year, in the muddy lighting
of my parents' cellar, I rummage, looking
for something I lost.
My father sits on the tired, wooden stairs,
black cane between his knees,
hand over hand, gripping the handle.

He's so happy that I've come home.
I ask how his eyes are, a stupid question.
All gone, he answers.

Under some blankets, I find three scrolls.
I sit beside him and untie
three paintings by my father:
Hibiscus leaf and a white flower.
Two cats preening.
Two persimmons, so full they want to drop from the cloth.

He raises both hands to touch the cloth,
asks, Which is this?

This is persimmons, Father.

Oh, the feel of the wolftail on the silk,
the strength, the tense
precision in the wrist.
I painted them hundreds of times
eyes closed. These I painted blind.
Some things never leave a person:
scent of the hair of one you love,
the texture of persimmons,
in your palm, the ripe weight."

-- Li-Young Lee


"TOWEL" is one of those words that if you stare at it long enough, you start to wonder why it's spelled that way...or is it just me?

random thoughts of the moment...

*I am hungry but do not feel like eating. or maybe I feel like eating but I am not hungry.

*Having to reschedule court dates is a pain in my ass.

*I need to get a Dade ID immediately for my 2-20 exam.

*Reading other people's blogs is fun. I don't know enough bloggers.

*I wish I was at home cuddling wth my cat.

*My cell phone doesn't work. I hate AT&T.

*I wish ovaries came with an OFF switch cuz cramps suck.

*The weather is nice today. Weird. Hope it's this nice for my shoots this weekend.

*I REALLY want a new point-and-shoot. I can't believe how expensive they are.

*I need to buy some color film so I can play with my neglected 35mm cameras.

*I wish it was Christmas. IDK why. I feel very "'Tis the Season" right now though.

*UGH. that is all.


I was supposed to have my sleep test done yesterday, but Kenny insisted I stay with him, so I cancelled...ended up finally able to fall asleep at about 5 a.m., only to have to wake up at 8:40 to come to work...


"great success!" - Borat

so, not only is the couple "super-excited" to work with me (a direct quote from the wedding planner) but the wedding planner herself wants to set up a shoot with me! hate on that, bitches! LMAO

I'm referring, of course, to the darling little hater that took it upon themselves to send me a myspace note yesterday "Annonymus"-ly (again, a direct quote) to tell me just how much I suck as a photographer. according to them, they have been photographing professionally for years, and think I am an embarrassment to the realm of photography as a whole. to which I replied, "it must be sad to have such slow business as a photographer that you have time to preoccupy yourself with my atrocious work. and you misspelled anonymous." or something along those lines.

I must admit I was a little ticked off at first. but then I thought about it and realized...I know a few photographers whose work is not great. because it's not great, I am not threatened, therefore I say and do nothing. On the other hand, if I see someones work that I admire, I might ask a few technical questions to get some ideas and perhaps learn. Of course, this involves (as an indirect side effect) me admitting someone has more skill than I. I would never waste my time sending someone a hateful rant littered with "justifications" of "i don't mean to hurt your feelings, but (insert overly harsh criticism and foul language here)"

however, I am a more developed human being than some others I have met. For example, hateful rant or not, if I believe strongly enough in an opinion to tell it to ANYONE, I would absolutely sign my name to it, seeing as I do not lack the conviction to stand behind my thoughts. I also find it particularly funny how because of the manner of this person's "advice", I can pretty much tell this is not the kind of person with the testicular fortitude to say, come up to me at an exhibit and criticize my work like a real grown-up. this is a person that might make a snarky remark to their friend at the show (which they'd go to, no matter how horrendous my photos, just to gain ammo) and then maybe blog about my overall awful-ness...

the fact is that even if my work is inferior to this person's (and I'll never know, mostly because they didn't even give me the benefit of letting me critique their work as well) the fact is that this person has the time to sift through each and every one of my photos and come up with their two cents...so if this person IS a photographer, they must not be getting any work, regardless of their "talent". One person found my work so horrible that they took the trouble to make an anonymous page (I still smile whenever I think that someone took that much time just for little ol' me) but guess what...literally HUNDREDS of people have added my page because they LIKE my work, I am booked solid for the next 4 months, and I have interest from a gallery. People are trusting me with their wedding for crying out loud, and they're PAYING ME for it...so maybe if this person focused more on getting work themselves, they'd be as successful as I and maybe would have less time for making fake profiles.

just a thought.


(the sound of me barfing, t-minus 10 minutes)

so I'm meeting the couple in less than 8 hours, and I absolutely feel like throwing up. I am so fucking nervous. I don't remember the last time my stomach was this much in knots. not even on my OWN wedding day did I feel like this...

i'm applying for my 2-20 license right now. have my three day, all day weekend class scheduled for the weekend of the 22nd. ew.

oh! I'm very excited to be working on a calendar...I'm just waiting for the last three girls to confirm, and I'm already hatching up ideas for each month...did I mention I'm VERY excited about this project?

ok, I'm done. I think I might need to puke now =/


depending on the meeting tonight, I may or may not officially be a wedding photographer.

i'm excited/nervous.

hold me!!! lol


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